Navratri Food Festival 2018

Navratri Food Festival 2018 – 17 AZN (Under 10 Free)

OCTOBER 13 – 7 pm – 10 pm


Vegetarian Buffet:
Falafel, Onion Ring, Dahi Vada, Kimchi Salad, Beetroot chat, Pineapple chat Green pulav, Dal makhani, Khadha masala paneer, Subji Diwani handi, Aloo Palak, Plain paratha and wheat paratha, Pappad, Pickle, Curd, Coffee pudding, Phirni/Malapova

Garba & Dandiya (Music Only)

For Reservation: 070 31 11 184
055 50 00 724

It’s time to celebrate the festival season. Join us for a delicious food event. Bring your family and friends and enjoy an evening of music.

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